Creating Facebook Timeline

Facebook lately redesigned its members' profile by introducing what they call "timeline" - a reminiscent of an interactive digital scrapbook. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced it in San Francisco last Thursday, September 22, 2011 at the company's f8 conference to invited entrepreneurs, developers and journalists. The event was also broadcasted to more than 100,000 online viewers. 

It's Facebook's attempt at growing from an online hangout to a homestead, where people express their real selves and merge their online and offline lives. The timeline can go back to include years before Facebook even existed, so users can add photos and events from, say 1995 when they got married or 1970 when they were born.

After getting your own timeline, you will be able to view the timeline profile pages of others who also used it. Those who have no timeline profile yet can only view your old profile page. 

Here's how to get your own timeline:

- Go to and click "Allow"

 - Click "Create New App"

- Now, name it whatever you want, and give it whatever namespace you'd like, it doesn't matter. Click the check box "I agree to the platform privacy policy." And then click Continue, pass the security check by filling in the captcha, and you'll be ready for the next step

- After verification, click "Open Graph" on the left side as shown below

 - In "Get Started with Open Graph", just fill in anything you want (it doesn't matter) in those fields under the heading "start by defining one action than one object for your app" and click Get Started

- Next, just do nothing except scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes and Next", do the same on the next screen 

- In the next screen shown below, wait for a few minutes, and then go to your Facebook homepage, you'll be invited to enable Timeline and be patient at this point of time because sometimes it requires you to wait before the changes take effect

- After awhile a pop-up screen will appear as shown below, click Get It Now, and you're in!  

Now set it up the way you like it, and when you click Publish Now, your Timeline goes live.

Here's my own timeline profile page.
What's with the timeline profile page? Check it here.

Check out my profile!
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