Google+ versus Facebook - Comparison

Google released its beta version of Google+ competing the giant Facebook and other social networking sites as an “Invite only” release, a very popular marketing strategy inviting users to join with a limited number of users. They already thrashed their own social network Orkut which has became unpopular but is still popular in India, Brazil and other countries.

Facebook started as a pretty cool and simple social network site. Its growth is solid and it keeps its platform change frequently giving its users and members something new and keeping them busy in order not to get bored and think of going outside of Facebook. Their growth and success have affected Google though the latter is still considered as the largest Internet company.

Facebook changed too much without bothering to test and polish its interface. Recent changes resulted to more complaints from its users. Google+ on its beta testing stage looks so cool and simple but for sure they will come up soon with a Facebook like interface if not a better one though it cannot be denied that Facebook's initial interface has enticed millions of users to join them. Facebook's emergence has toppled a lot of social networks like MySpace, Friendster, hi5 and others.

Google+ provides better privacy and well layered grouping, called "Circles" and they does not have annoying applications like Facebook.. Facebook on the other hand has more features than Google+ and have anything special for a typical user who does not care much about privacy and everything.

In my own opinion, I do not care who's beating who as long as that I can interact with anybody and can post or share my thoughts and links.

So, let the war starts now!

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