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Being an affiliate marketer I used to tap the famous social networking site Facebook because of their nice interface and your ability to post links to anyone, plus the fact that you can add more virtual friends to keep your list increasing, thus exposing your products to more people everywhere.

Lately I encountered problems when adding more friends, only to found out that I had been blocked for four (4) days from adding more. What's the purpose of exposing more people in their sidebar "People You May Know" when you will only be limited to add more friends? It is a fact that a person you invited to be your friend has all the right to accept or decline the invitation. Do that option don't serve its real purpose? It saddened me when I tried to add long lost friends but only got being blocked the next time I added more. And they add options when you add a friend, Close Friends and Acquaintances... what are these? The same concept with Google+ which the later is having in their interface? Google+ allows you to add unlimited number of friends. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And Google+ is the best site if you're marketing products online.

Facebook allows you to post on your friends' wall or to anybody else wall where posting to their walls are allowed. But doing so regularly, you'll be reported as spammer and will result in blocking you to post the same links to other people's wall unless you will make an appeal to them.Worst is if you will report a page as violating their rules (i.e. maligning a person's lewd image by posting it publicly and putting discriminating and embarrassing captions and comments that are damaging), Facebook team doesn't take actions about that  page. Pages that display lewd pictures proliferate now in Facebook like in the case of a father of a 12 year old girl who sued Facebook over the girl's suggestive photos in her account. He said the material, put on the internet by his daughter, has put her in danger from child sex abusers. He added further that although Facebook had come "a long way", he did not believe its system worked as well as it could and said he would be following the case closely to see if the site and the trust were brought to account. Child protection expert Jim Gamble said Facebook's age policy was difficult to check. The case could see the company (Facebook) facing a large compensation payout if it is successful.(Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-14803664)

I have nothing against personally with Facebook but it seems that things aren't placed well and not properly evaluated, especially when it pertains to a person's dignity.

Latest update as of September 21, 2011, Facebook changed its interface. You will be amazed at how big your pictures will be displayed in your wall (gosh! you'll end up having a double-vision goggling at those big photos). And friends status updates are now displayed at the right side bar, that adds more distraction.

If you wish to retain the old interface simply go to Account Settings > Language > English (UK).

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