Indecent Job Offer - An Overview

I usually park at MIRC-Undernet #bacolod channel daily to get a chance of chatting with old and new friends. Most of the time, I just ignore private messages from nuisance and non-sense people especially those who ask you to lay down with him/her. Sometimes, chatters post local job offers to get the attention of those who are jobless. Nobody knows yet if that job is a decent one.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a private message from a guy using a nick of George42. He asked me about my marital status and age and I answered him politely. To quote his message "me and wife are businesmen and we need to hire couple as entertainers for our business friends men and ladies". I asked him what kind of entertainment job is that. To quote his answer "u will have to welcome our friends talk nice good atmosphere and some bare show in our house". I was shocked after knowing that the couple he is looking for should entertain his guest by doing bare show. I calmly continue to entertain him. He asked me if we can chat on Yahoo Messenger about his job offer. I reiterated asking him if he is looking for couples to perform live bare shows and he quickly answered "yes and bit of singing and good atmosphere polite salary is 12,000 uk pounds for each of u monthly". Wow that's a big sum converted to US dollars 23,375.54. That's a big amount in Philippine currency assuming the rate of PhP43.97 per one US dollar (PhP1,027,822.49). Am I going to be an instant millionaire if I get his job offer? I immediately told him I'm not interested with his job offer. I value my family life and have high regards to myself as well as to all my family members. I can managed to achieve that amount in some other decent ways.

We ended our brief chat and I asked myself what would be the consequences if I got his job offer? Many possibilities just sprung up in my mind. To include but not limited to are the following:
  • The live show will be videoed and will spread among his peers, friends and even to other persons
  • You have no assurance if his guests will join with you and your partner, thus exposing you and your partner to serious diseases
  • Who would ever trust a stranger paying you such a big sum of amount?
  • You have no assurance if you and your partner can go home alive (gross!)
I post this blog not to let others know that I have been offered a high paying job but to inform each and everyone not to easily grab the opportunity. If you value yourself and you are a God-fearing person then you don't need to accept that indecent job offer.

Beware of such impostors or illegal recruiters. Your life and as well as that of your family is at stake.

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  1. Nice article. We have to be careful when going online. This serves as a reminder to take precaution always. Chatters need a little education when it comes to job offers and IRC etiquette. :)

  2. The best thing is not to trust anybody whom you meet in a chat board. Don't be a victim with these kind of persons.

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