Why Do Adult Kids Lie To Their Parents

I have noticed nowadays that most of the adult kids lied to their parents especially when asked about their whereabouts. Gone are the days that adult kids feared most their parents. The new generation are used with the latest trends and technologies especially wi-fi connections, high-end cellphones and other gadgets and the emergence of the most popular among the social networking sites, Facebook.

What makes them lie to their parents? I have done some analysis on it because most of my friends belong to the new generation and I can relate more to them since they treated me as a more understanding matured person with a wide perception about life.

Basically, they lied because they just simply want to be liberated in their own ways. They no longer want to be scolded or punished by their parents for their wrong-doings. They want a life of their own amidst the bad influences of other people and unknowingly that something wrong is already happening in their life.

Some reasons why they lie:
  • To protect somebody else.
  • Fear. They often lie to cover up when they are afraid of the consequences of their actions.
  • Avoiding an unpleasant task.
  • For love or approval because they want to impress others.

Sometimes, the parents are also to be blamed why their kids lie to them. Kids nourished with material things and money with less guidance and parental affection are more likely to lie to their parents. The kids treated as such as their own parents' obligation to provide them everything they want. They would normally make good excuses to get more money from their parents only to be spent senselessly. And of course, wrong choices of friends and the bad influences that these kids adopted from them may lead to acts of rebellion and disgust to their parents.

A family without constant communication completely lacks in a particular thing, love. If a kid is much-loved and feels the comfort in the presence of his/her parents, he/she is likely afraid to lie.

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  1. I think this is a phase we all go through once in our adolescent years. :) Let's admit that at that time, we felt like we owned the world but once we realize we did something wrong the fear of being scolded at takes over. :) Read more on lies at: http://www.inahuytiepo.blogspot.com/