Ahcee Flores: The hunt is ON

Ahcee Flores: The hunt is ON

The recent earthquake that hits Negros Oriental last February 6, 2012 has made Ahcee Flores an instant online figure. She suddenly rose to fame and became the top trending in Yahoo News. Facebook users made hate pages in her behalf and a lot of furious Facebook users lambasted her for her comment in Yahoo News wishing the Visayans ill.

Let us all pray……. Na matuloy ang tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas.”

Who is Ahcee Flores? Is this name belongs to a girl or a boy?

It has been discovered that Ahcee Flores is using fake accounts. This is termed as TROLL accounts meaning to lure other Internet users into sending responses to carefully designed incorrect statements. Three Twitter accounts are using one same IP address and that only proves that these accounts are owned by only one person.


What does it take her to make sarcasm and gruesome comments? Just to be heard and get known in the cyber-world? And if she is using fake accounts there is a possibility that the pictures she portrays are also fake. I pity the owner of the picture because she is now ashamed to go out for the denizens will think that it is her who made those comments. Let us not be judgmental to the real person who owns the picture as she is only a victim of these fake accounts. Vekou X Aitenshi commented in one of the blogs that I visited:

"I agree to not hate the picture. I feel sorry for the persons whom are now given death threats because their pictures are used without their permission. I'm surprised that people didn't even verify if the person on the picture is the poster, but instead flamed away to the shame of the victim and their families."

In her Angie Ligot account, she critized the Filipinos in general and even made sarcasm comments about our very own beauty titlist Shamcey Supsup.

Angie Ligot's Twitter account

A picture of her appeared in my Facebook wall courtesy of Judah Lahera.

Ahcee Flores
Judah Lahera's photos

Guys, this is the girl who twitted about continuing to pray that the tsunami would hit the visayan region so to lessen the BADUY people.

OMG! look at her pose! seems like she wet her pants. i was actually expecting for her to have real high-fashion photos coz it seems like she hates 'baduy' bisaya people. let's look more closely. let's start with the hair - doesnt seem like she can afford a high-end hair dresser. and the shades - i actually stopped wearing shades coz it has been the most abused fashion statement. even the lowest class of people wear shades for the heck of it. next, the skin - doesnt seem to have been born with impressive complexion. salamat cguro sa skin white natabang ra. the top - looks ukay2x to me. talk about baduy, this color and design she chose makes her look like she has given birth 57 times; unflattering. next, the jeans - her mother's jeans i guess. skinny is in for the ladies. the jeans she's wearing makes her look like her waistline is 5-inches below her poor, small tits. i bet, these jeans were on sale at a cheap department store - maybe a christmas sale last dec. 2005. sorry, those jeans make me sick thinking about her calling us (Bisaya) baduy. ooohhh... what's that she's holding in her hands? a handkerchief? that is a no-no if ever one is a socialite. ever heard of napkins? dont get me wrong girl, im not talking about the one you put on during the time of the month. uurrgghh! anyway, the final verdict is this: BADUY IS HER MIDDLE NAME.

Whoever Ahcee Flores is, I hope that the real person behind these accounts will surface and answers all the denizens' lambasting against her. It is best not to follow her in Twitter and in any other social networking sites bearing her name. Lastly, hope that she can sleep well and have a peace of mind and will find happiness in some other way. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Wow! so that's the lady who asked for the tsunami to hit the visayan regions! and prayed so that "baduy" people will be lessened! as i looked into the picture i cannot even see traces of a socialite on her...or shall i say our visayan helper at home seems to be more updated when it comes to clothes compared to her...she is just a frustrated beautician who never have that money to spend to repair her deteriorating physical appearance, a lady that was left by time...and for sure she's among those who never need to have condom during sex since for sure nobody will try to go with her in bed for it will only made them dizzy, with severe headache and will surely induced vomiting...LOOK AT THAT FACE!

    Try to visit Bacolod, Cebu or Iloilo and for sure the people there will give you a big and lots of smile, a big hug and lots of love, and will give you a superb performance of a sinulog dance! but be ready for you might go home naked and skinless like the delicious and yummy longganisa of kalibo, crispy as the danggit of cebu, and piyaya of bacolod...no need to see a hairdresser my dear for the negrenses will give you a free hair spa in their refineries pick your choice pa!


  2. Wow! Thanks for that well said comment Anonymous. It's so very disgusting to know about what Ahcee Flores had done to her "kababayan", making fun at the expense of others. She just didn't feel the pain and agony the victims had endured during the earthquake. She is surely welcome here in Bacolod City and let the Ilonggos treat her the way she treated the Visayans.