True Friendship

True friendship is a gift, a treasure and it is priceless.

In my journey in life, I met a lot of friends. Most are just simply passing ones but some of them are real and true friends. I consider them a gift for me because in understanding the essence of life, we can never be a good and a true person if we are alone. No man is an island, as the saying goes.

Seldom we can find a timeless friendship and at times it is so hard to maintain a deep sustaining one. It started in believing yourself and extending love to others that you will finally found, attract and manifest genuine connections to others that you will value to hold onto.

We often got into a rocky situations of our lives and that sometimes we neglect the value of true friendships. Life after all does not always gives us a smooth pathway. Compassion combined with true intentions in extending services and actions towards others have been my foremost priority in building up a good relationship to others. Sharing without expecting any return will boast your spiritual life and as well as tightening the connections and bonding to your fellow person. Oftentimes we missed the great opportunities when we close our minds and hearts connecting people.

When a true friend shares something, I simply take their words at face value with full trust. A friend in need is a friend indeed - a saying that opens my heart to all possibilities in life although at times, human as we are, we doubted.

In my continuing to struggle for the harshness of life, I always set aside the better part of me to others. Peace of mind and happiness in life will be manifested when you spend a piece of your time to people who value you as a true friend.

I took an online test to check the color of my aura after answering some questions, the result is very inspiring to me because it is 100% accurate about myself.

You are compassionate and kind, a lover of animals and people. Greens are fierce protectors of the planet, and are friendly, reliable and strong. They quietly and unassumingly try to change the world for the better.

I learned to see things clearer and seeing people in less clear cut forms through time, lessons and learning. I see them in every corners behind those beautiful tress, their shapes ever changing but in the end collectively shaping a definite and clear form.

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