Caring for man's best friend - the Brazilian way.

Caring for man's best friend - the Brazilian way.

Picture courtesy of REUTERS/Nacho Doce (BRAZIL )
I read in Yahoo News that in Sao Paolo, Brazil, sick pets there (dogs and cats) get free care. I remember what I saw just 2-days ago. Two people were riding in a motorcycle with a sidecar. They drove around the whole subdivision where we stayed, looking for dogs for sale. I myself is an animal lover having cared dozens of dogs that were not mine, just stray dogs seeking for food and shelter. Most of the dogs reached its maturity age until they died and it was my late father who used to feed them. Dogs were once man's best friend but sad to say nowadays that man is no longer a dog's best friend.

Sao Paolo's municipal government recently opened its public veterinary hospital last August 22, 2012. The veterinary hospital provides free care to cats and dogs owned by poor families who are not capable of paying for the treatment of their pets. Government statistics show that around three million domestic pets where in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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