A human and lion reunited!

How a human and a lion reunited!

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This one tells of a great story about friendship of a man and a lion. In 1969, Australian John Rendall and Anthony "Ace" Bourke, bought a lion named Christian for 250 guineas (£262.50) from Harrods department store in London, England.

The two men together with their friends Jennifer Mary Taylor and Unity Jones took care for the lion until it was a year old. The increasing size of Christian and the cost of his care led Rendall and Bourke to understand they could no longer keep it with them. It was during that time that Christian was agreed to reintegrate into the wild through the assistance of George Adamson, a Kenyan conservationist.Christian found a new home at the Kora National Reserve in Kenya.

After a year, Rendall and Bourke visited Christian. Their visit was filmed and documented. Adamson advised the that Christian might not remember them anymore. The film shows the lion at first cautiously approach and then quickly leap playfully onto the two men, standing on his hind legs and wrapping his front legs around their shoulders, nuzzling their faces. The documentary also shows the lionesses, Mona and Lisa, and a foster cub named Supercub welcoming the two men.

Rendall once again visited Christian after three years, their second reunion. By this time Christian was successfully defending his own pride, had cubs of his own and was about twice the size he was in the earlier reunion video. Adamson advised Rendall that it would most likely be a wasted trip as he had not seen Christian's pride for nine months. However, when he reached Kora, Christian and his pride had returned to Adamson's compound the day before their arrival.

Rendall describes the visit he and George Adamson made:

We called him and he stood up and started to walk towards us very slowly. Then, as if he had become convinced it was us, he ran towards us, threw himself on to us, knocked us over, knocked George over and hugged us, like he used to, with his paws on our shoulders.

The second reunion lasted until the next morning. According to Rendall that was the last anyone saw Christian.

The video that goes viral in the YouTube.

This video shows the time when they bought and took care of Christian.

The video during their reunion.

Source: Wikipedia and YouTube
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