Adopt a Kitten in Bacolod City, Philippines

Sounds great for that title? Yeah, that's true. A friend of mine initiated this move to help these kittens found a new home. These pets are bound to be thrown away if nobody is willing to adopt them. These kittens comes from a well-known university here in our place and our now in the custody of a faculty member. This friend of mine is a pet lover and she's pushing and keep on posting in her Facebook account to have these kittens be adopted. Sad to say, she's now out of the country but we are constantly chatting and sharing ideas about business and pets.

We all know that besides dogs, cats are among one of the best pets at home. There are certain abilities of cats that some of us don't know about it, among these are the following:
  • Cats are known to sense earthquakes. The pads of their feet are very sensitive and most or some of them behave strangely before an earthquake hits.  
  • Cats have the ability to swallow and digest their foods without chewing it.
  • Cats do dream!
  • They bump noses to gain information about how the other cat is and to confirm visual recognition
  • Cats are manipulative - they can make their cries more urgent if they want foods
  • They love to be praised and rewarded for desired behavior
  • Normally, when cats purr, they are content unless if it is a deep purr which signifies pain
  • They will get sick or even worst, may die, after eating a chocolate
  • When they make eye contact, they blink and narrow their eyes
  • A strip of raw meat everyday keeps their gums and teeth okay
  • Cats are tolerant to heat
If anybody wants to adopt some of these cute kittens, please feel free to message my friend in her Facebook account. Hope that these little cute kittens will found a new home soon.

This is an invitation to pet lovers who love cats and kittens. Please feel free to share your ideas here.

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