How to turn ON and OFF wireless devices in Windows 8

How to turn ON and OFF wireless devices (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) in Windows 8

This tutorial is intended for new users of Windows 8. If you are used to the old Windows operating system (OS), you will have a hard time on how to fix things in Windows 8. As you can see, the interface of Windows 8 totally differs with that of the older versions because the new version has been simplified so that it will work with touchscreens like tablets.

As a new user of Windows 8, you will be confused on where to go and how to set things up in your new OS like connecting hi-end gadgets and cellphones. During installation of your Windows 8, the wireless devices like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned to ON unless it was customized to be OFF. If you or another person accidentally turned if OFF, that is when your problem starts.

Navigating Windows 8 is just simple, unlike the old versions where you can find a Start button found at the bottom-left of the screen. Windows 8 has a feature called hot corners. To use a hot corner, just hover the mouse in the corner of the screen, and it will open a toolbar or tile that you can click. Each corner performs a different task.

To access the Charms bar, simply hover your mouse to the upper right or lower right. The image below shows the Charms bar options.

Click "Settings" and you will see the following options.

Now click "Change PC settings" to view the next screen like the image shown below.

Select "Wireless" and turn ON Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by clicking the right side of the rectangle box, or click the black box and move it to the right. To turn it OFF, simply move it to the left side.

To view your previous screen before you opened the Charms bar, hover your mouse to upper left and click the mini-size window that appears.

You may now transfer your files from your cellphone into your PC, laptop or tablet. The same thing when you turn ON your Wi-Fi, you can now connect to the internet and view your favorite sites.

If you finished transferring your files, do not forget to turn OFF the Bluetooth of your PC, laptop or tablet as it is vulnerable to viruses from other gadgets.

Hope this little tutorial has help you. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment box below.

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