A sad story of a mother dog and her puppy

Life is unfair to both the mother dog and her puppy

Meet Terra, a newly adopted dog by a  very good friend of mine from our local dog pound. This dog belongs to what we call "aspin", a common name for Filipino dogs. Terra and her 3-month old pup used to wander around the vicinity as what their owner wants them to be, in short, they are unleashed and free to roam around outside the property of their owner.

I just imagine the kind of bonding the mother dog and her pup had when they walk and run along with each other playing and seeking for foods. They deserve to live happily but the problem is their present situation wherein they were merely abandoned by their owners. As a mom dog, Terra loves and protects her pup so much and assure that nobody can take them away from each other.

On one unfortunate day, Terra's fears came into reality. She saw her pup being taken by the city dog pound personnel. Helpless as she is, she followed the vehicle that carried her pup until they arrived at the dog pound. Without much effort, the pound guys took her inside the pound as well.

Terra saw a bright future for both of them thinking that these are the right guys who will take care for them, feed them and love them until they grow old. It was a happy reunion for the two dogs seeing each other again, inside the dog pound.

The pup was not able to survive inside the pound leaving a very lonely and confused mother. Terra might had asked herself "What have I done wrong? Why it had to end this way losing my very precious pup? Is this our destiny after all or are we just simply gone astray because of our irresponsible owners?". That very moment seeing the lifeless body of her pup, Terra felt the world ended. Such a very heart-breaking scene for her. Tears flowed down her eyes. How she wished she also died with her pup.

Terra never knew that there really is a rainbow after a heavy storm. My friend visited the dog pound to adopt a dog. That was the time that Terra caught the attention of my friend. Without much questions and investigations as to the background of Terra, my friend finally adopted her. If Terra could only talk, she would surely say "This is it! Thanks God for this very kind and dog loving person, she saved me from further pain and agony. She saved my life!"

As of this writing, Terra now enjoys the comfort of a well-loved and cared dog in the presence of my dear friend. I promised my friend to visit Terra and share some foods for her soon.

If you want to adopt stray dogs or donate foods for them at the pound, please feel free to contact your local dog pound. The dogs are open for adoption and their personnel also accept food donations. You may also choose to feed the dogs yourself with their assistance. To control the population inside the pound, they normally euthanized the dogs that are not claimed by their owners or not adopted by dog lovers. Adoption is a very easy process and you save a life of a very loyal friend, a dog.

For Bacolod City, Philippines, please feel free to contact the author if you have some questions with regards to saving the lives of stray dogs we normally call "aspin". For dog owners, please secure your dogs and don't allow them to stray outside your property as they will be impounded by the local government. If your pet got lost, contact your local dog pound immediately.

(Photo credit to Terra's owner. Name is withheld for privacy reasons.)

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