The two-way mirror test

How to check a two-way mirror

Have you ever asked yourself when you are inside a changing room if the mirror is a real one? Or you stayed in a hotel and doubted if the mirror inside the room or bathroom is an ordinary one. A two-way mirror allows a person from the other-side of it to see you while you can not see that person. There have been numerous images that spread out in the internet wherein a girl or a woman was pictured inside a room while changing clothes. By merely looking at the mirror, you will never know if it is a real one or a two-way type. Here is a simple trick on how to check a two-way mirror.

The real mirror

Do this trick before you change clothes or whatever you will do that would put your privacy at stake in public. Put the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface. If you noticed a gap between your fingernail and the nail image shown in the mirror, then that mirror is a genuine one. The image on the left shows what it would look like.

The two-way mirror

If you noticed no gap is shown between your fingernail and the nail image shown in the mirror, that is a two-way mirror and that signals you to leave the place immediately without any questions to ask.

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