Downloading Facebook Video

How to download a Facebook video

You browse your Facebook wall and you happened to view a video that you want to download. Although the video is posted publicly, you cannot find any link or button that allows you to download the said video.

There are lots of software in the Internet that allows you to grab the video and download it to your laptop or desktop. These software are downloadable and good for you if the link has no problem, else, you will end up trying to download it again and again.

In my experience, I found a site that is cool and no hassle in downloading Facebook videos. The site is safe and you have nothing to do but simply put the link of the Facebook video and the site will do the rest for you. No need to download a software, no registration and no fees at all.

Although I used that online Facebook video downloader ever since, I never had the idea of sharing it here in my blog site before. Now is my chance of giving credit to this site for it had helped me a lot of hassle-free video downloads in Facebook. This site is and you don't need to register or download a software just to grab that video you love in Facebook. There is no limit in downloading Facebook videos at site.

Here's the trick on how to download a Facebook video using the online downloader site.

  • View the video in Facebook
  • Highlight and copy the URL link
  • Open a new tab in your browser
  • Type, and press Enter
  • Paste the link in the text box that states "Enter Facebook Video URL..."
  • Click the Download button found on the right-most portion of the text box
  • A link will appear seconds after you click the Download button
  • The system will automatically detect the quality of the video to be downloaded, if the link only shows "Download Video in Low Quality" and nothing else more, it means the original video is created with low quality. If a link appears "Download Video in High Quality", it means the original video is created of good quality
  • Click the option/s that you want and the video will be viewed in your browser
  • Right-click the video and click Save Video As...
Check the folder where you saved the video. Play it and enjoy watching!

I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. HI
    It worked great until I tried to download it to my computer. I do not have a save video as. could it have to be with the version of ms I am using?

  2. Hi there. Sorry for not giving considerations to other videos that could not be downloadable like private videos. If still you can't download the video, please feel free to email to me the link so that I can check the parameters of the link. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. HI
    My question is - If it is not your video on FB , can you download it if the owner makes it public? and if so, how do I save it to my desktop? I cant seem to get the "save video as " button.

  4. Hi there. Any public videos posted in Facebook can be downloadable. By default, the video will be played on screen after you click Download Video. Simply right-click the video and choose Save Video As. For MPEG-4 videos, you will be prompted either to play the video in your default player or save the file.