Bad Boys Are Everywhere

Bad boys are everywhere!

This should served as a warning to each and everyone especially when going out alone during nighttime. A close family friend of ours was beaten black and blue last Saturday night, January 14, 2012 at around 12 midnight. He just came out from a bar having drinking session with his group when two teenagers accosted him and declared a holdup. He gave the cellphone which belongs to a girl friend of him and told the guys that he has no money to give them. The boys insisted that he has money but refused to give so he was beaten up with a hard object leaving his two eyes black and blue and needs stitches because of the deep cuts. He was lucky enough when the guys tried to stab him when a passerby came that drove the guys to ran. The case is now being investigated leaving my friend lingering in pains that he sustained.

That only proves that everywhere you go there abounds lots of bad boys looking and waiting for their prey at night. How to avoid such incidents? Some tips to ponder are as follows:

  • Never roam or stroll ALONE in a dark place with no other people around.
  • Call the attention of others when you suspect that someone or a group is following you. Go to the nearest place where there are lots of people rather than hide or run to a dark place.
  • Call someone you know who is still awake and inform him/her of your present situation and if possible ask him/her to call a police.
  • In the case that you were asked to give money or any belongings that you have during holdup, tell them frankly if you do not have any to give and beg to spare your life.
  • Do not act as if you will fight against them if you have no skills to do so or else your life is at stake.
  • Better still not to go out at nighttime to save your life and property.
The saying: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is really worth to ponder.

We pray for the fast recovery of our friend and the quick response of the police team to catch the perpetrators.

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