Why Facebook status appears in large font

Why Facebook status appears in large font?

Ever wondered why some posts appear in large font? Try to check your posts and you'll found out that some of it are in large font while the others appear in normal font. I am talking about textual posts only; no images or videos added or uploaded; no check in place added and website links.

At first I thought something goes wrong with my browser. I noticed it many months ago but I just simply ignore it thinking all the way that it's Facebook's own way of displaying posts that will catch everyone's eyes. But how did they do that? 

The normal font Facebook used in every post and news feeds is 14 pixels and the large one looks likely in 24 pixels. Is there a way how to fix that? I guess we can't fix that because Facebook has designed it that way. I noticed earlier that when my posts reach a certain number of letters, it displays in normal font. So what I did is to make a series of trial and error test by posting numbers and when it reaches 85 characters (any letters, numbers, special keys, emoticons, etc.) the display changes to 14 pixels. Just take a closer look at the images below.

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