Scary story - an unforgettable experience

Do you have a scary story to tell?

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I had this very odd experience some years ago. No, this is not taken from a scary movie as you might think of. It is my own story that I will share to each and everyone. We live in a subdivision that has been noted as a public cemetery during the Japanese occupation. There had been countless times that the homeowners would tell about their own experiences as well. Tales like a "kapre" who appears during nighttime and puffing up a big cigarette while sitting on the top of a tree and a "tayho", (our dialect for a half-man half-horse), who roams around the subdivision carrying a chain and several other stories that kids would more likely to believe that those are all true. Seldom you can find kids roaming in the subdivision roads at nighttime during that time and parents told their kids of the consequences if their kids disobeyed them.

I was then in my late 20s that I experienced this scary story of what we call here as "bagat". I went home at around 12 midnight after having rounds of drinks with my friends two blocks away from our home. It was rainy and the roads were so dark and empty. When I reached the corner of the block, I turned at my left side first to see if there is any car or anything mobile that will pass, as I will have to turn right side on my way home. I noticed a dark figure at the middle of the cross-roads a block away from me. I slowly walked towards it thinking that it is a drunk man who could no longer stand or walk. On my way to that object, I could not figure out what it really looked like, because the only lighted post at that time was located at the other side of the road fronting me and leaving a dimly look of the figure that I was approaching. When I was 3 steps away from it, I found out that it was a lady, covered with black paint or used crude oil from top to bottom. She got a very long hair that touched the wet road as she was in a sprinting position, one knee bent down, head and whole body facing to the other road.  She never say any words when I called her attention. She simply turned her head to me and stared at me. I was shocked! I was not able to stare closely at her because of the back-light effect of the street post.Counting one-two-three while stepping backwards, I got my slippers and suddenly turned back and ran on my way home. I knocked on our door and my father got up and opened it. He was wondering why I was a bit shocked as if I was chased by an angry mob. I had a hard time explaining to him the real incident. I just told him to go with me and bring along with him his "latigo", a stingray's tail that is feared by most "aswangs". I brought along with me my 21-inch jungle bolo and we hurriedly went back to the area where I saw that girl. We missed her I guess but her traces in the road left a very clear indication that somebody stayed there for a long time, the oily and shiny material that comes from her body.

Do you have a scary story to tell? Please share it in the comment box below.

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