For Mama

Are you familiar with this song "For Mama"? A classical song composed to last through the ages and popularized by Matt Monro?

In my teenage years, my father used to sing this song. At first, I do not like the slow tempo and I find it hard to relate until I took some time reflecting the lyrics. I love most the lines that says:

How hard I tried to find the words. 
I prayed she would not see me cry. 
So much to say that should be heard. 
But only time to say goodbye to mama

I admit that I am a bit emotional and every time I sing this song I could not help myself to be teary-eyed. It also shows a mother's love to her son, begging the latter to take her place while his mother is away. How many sons do you know that keep their mothers' plead for the love of her children? A mother's love is incomparable to any other love that each and everyone of us experienced. In our daily lives, from the time she gave birth to us, the mother is always there no matter what and no matter how.

I write this to express my gratitude to my dear old mama. She's the kind of a mother that endures the pains and hardships of bearing her children. She polished us to be good and God-fearing persons molded with good values and respect to others especially the elders. She never surrenders herself in finding ways to give her sons and daughters the best in life with the vision to see us all successful in the future to come.

She is now in her 80's and I still hope that we all can be reunited again sooner or later. I missed her warm and loving hugs and kisses. I missed her pinching my groin every time I made mistakes. I missed her sweet calls when I was not around. I missed everything in her.

It is not yet too late. We are all grateful and thankful to our dear old mama. Let me share to you the lyrics of that song:

For Mama

She said my son I beg of you
I have a wish that must come true
The last thing you can do
For mama

Please promise me that you will stay
And take my place while I'm away
And give the children love each day
I had to smile what could I say?

How hard I tried to find the words
I prayed she would not see me cry
So much to say that should be heard
But only time to say goodbye to mama

Now soon there'll be another spring
And I will start remembering
The way she loved to hear us sing
Her favourite song 'Ave Maria'

Ave Maria

The children all have grown up now
I kept my promise to mama
I cannot guide them anymore
I've done my best all for mama

Ave Maria

Still this seems so very small
For all
She did for me.
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  1. I agree with you June, She is really great. She tried to give us all the love and care as a mother, and no comment on this.


  2. Yea, no other person on earth is better than our mother. She deserves to be happy despite of all trials and hardships that she endured.