Want to live longer?

Do you want to live longer?

Based on a new research that further supports the notion of longevity personality, the following contribute a lot to live more longer compared to those who are neurotics.
  • Optimistic
  • Easygoing
  • Social
  • Enjoying having a good laugh
A few other factors can play into your healthy longevity. The most essential being good genes. A massive genetic study, published in Science, found that people who lived to extreme old ages had one of 19 different gene profiles and tended to be unusually healthy, free from the diseases of aging, such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia, until well into their 90s.


Optimistic persons are disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and expect the most favorable outcome. You need to possess the following positive attitudes in order to change your perspectives in your life.

You need to invest only more time and feelings in events that are worth it. Try to reflect a little bit if certain repulsive things that have happened to you lately deserved the large amount of time and emotions you invested in. It is useless to struggle your mind and soul over something that lacks of importance or has no importance at all. Look into your heart and decide how much of yourself you should invest in certain people, conflicts and events.

Learn how to accept the dark past and getting over it can really be a relief. People who have learned to accept the mistakes they have done in their past and have learned to move over and think better of the present and future seem to be more optimistic than others. Don’t make an obsession from what has happened in the past. Just let the bad thoughts away, as you can’t change what has already happened. Think positively of the future and you will see how your life will get better.

Happy people are more optimistic. In order to be happy you should reserve daily some free time only for yourself. After leaving from work or in the lunch break do something you really want to do in that day: go for a walk in the park, buy yourself a small gift you have lusted for some time now, go watch a comedy or just go out for a coffee with a special friend. Small pleasant things can really make one’s day happier.

Set small targets to fulfill. Establish some small objectives to follow during the next weeks and you will see that your live will get a whole different meaning than it used to have.Don’t satisfy yourself by watching other people being happy and contempt. Learn from them and you will see that life is great and it is worth living especially if you get to become an optimistic person.


Easygoing persons are calm and unworried; relaxed and rather casual. They live without undue worry or concern. People with easy going personalities are few and far between. This is the personality type that gets confused by outside observers with laziness. Some people with easy going personalities are seen as indifferent, or even frivolous. (behaving in a silly and foolish way when you should be serious).


A social person is basically someone who enjoys spending time in the company of others, such as a large group of friends. Here are some steps on how to become sociable and feel comfortable in public:

Make sure you smile and approach others in a friendly manner. Smiling is the key to confidence and good impressions.

Talk to others around you. Ask questions, tell jokes, do whatever it takes to start a conversation.

Make eye contact. A sliver of self-confidence goes a long way, so, believe in yourself. By making eye contact, you're telling people that you're interested in them. It's a simple thing to do, but highly effective.

Remember the E word: Empathy! Ask people about themselves. People love to talk about themselves and what they're interested in. Try to draw them out, find common interests, and sympathize with their problems.

Compliment people. It's a great way to start a conversation.

Be honest. Tell people how you honestly feel. No one wants to waste time talking to someone who's not genuine.

Don't be by yourself all the time! If you don't know a lot of people you're around, just walk over and start talking. Most likely, they will talk back to you.

Always try to accept others' offers and invitations and be with them. Also make invitations to others; it's a good way to show people you enjoy them and they'll like you for it.

Mix up your routine. Sit with different people at dinner or lunch, not just the same one or two friends. You can be more sociable this way, and around a lot more people.

Put in the effort. When you are at home, call friends and talk to them on the phone.

Remember the FUN!! If people think you're fun, they will enjoy your company.

Be an optimist. People flock to happy people like bees gather near honey. Find ways to be happy and positive.

Enjoying having a good laugh

Laughing is one of the most enjoyable things in life. It is often contagious just like smiling. Whether you're laughing out loud or rolling on the floor laughing; laughing is always good for the soul, body, and mind.

Laughing is good for the heart too.

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