The Power of Our Subconscious Mind

We all know what subconscious mind means. But allow me to share to you what really is subconscious mind.
    The idea of the "subconscious" as a powerful or potent agency has allowed the term to become prominent in the New Age and self-help literature, in which investigating or controlling its supposed knowledge or power is seen as advantageous. In the New Age community, techniques such as autosuggestion and affirmations are believed to harness the power of the subconscious to influence a person's life and real-world outcomes, even curing sickness. Skeptical Inquirer magazine criticized the lack of falsifiability and testability of these claims. Physicist Ali Alousi, for instance, criticized it as unmeasurable and questioned the likelihood that thoughts can affect anything outside the head. In addition, critics have asserted that the evidence provided is usually anecdotal and that, because of the self-selecting nature of the positive reports, as well as the subjective nature of any results, these reports are susceptible to confirmation bias and selection bias.
    The word "subconscious" is an anglicized version of the French subconscient as coined by the psychologist Pierre Janet. Janet himself saw the subconscient as active in hypnotic suggestion and as an area of the psyche to which ideas would be consigned through a process that involved a "splitting" of the mind and a restriction of the field of consciousness.

Our subconscious mind is an incredible power and ally that can help us achieve all our goals, so that we live the life we want and not the life that we don’t want.

How does it works
Our subconscious mind is constantly working for us and will create any situation we want and desire, if we only focus on that want and desire. If we don’t or if we simply focus on the things that we don’t want then our subconscious mind will create those situations. Why? Because that’s what we focused on.

I have a booklet on how to enhance the mind power. I asked the author if it is available in the bookstore, he answered yes but a bit costly. I arranged him to send me one through postal mail after receiving the money that I will send to him, and so he did. The content was very simple, purely text and no images. The author mentioned names of known personalities who excel in their own fields, because they know how to control and enhance their own mind power. It took me not so long practicing and working the exercises on how to enhance my mind power. I got good results and until now I know well how to control my mind power.

Our subconscious mind is constantly working. It regulates our breathing, our heartbeat, we do things automatically because our subconscious has picked up our patterns and habits and allow us to follow through with these smaller tasks. Everyday our subconscious mind is working but are we giving it the right instructions?

Unfortunately most people don’t know how to work with their subconscious mind. Instead of getting their subconscious to work for them they feed their subconscious negative messages and in the end they get exactly what they don’t want.

Why does this happen?

Because your subconscious doesn’t know right from wrong or good from bad. It doesn’t say “Hey this will be bad for you – so let’s not do that.” Your subconscious mind only acts on your instructions and those instructions come from your mind. You know what is right and wrong. You know what is good or bad for you so why feed your subconscious mind negative information when you know you’ll only get a negative result.

Instructing the Subconscious
It is most common to hear how people get what they don’t want. A very simple example: they want to meet somebody – but they always meet the wrong kind of person. Why does this happen? Because these guys have a limiting belief that goes something like this: “Relationships are difficult.” “There are no good men or women.” “I’m not ready for a relationship. I’m too busy.” These beliefs are picked up by the subconscious mind (the instructions you send) and it simply creates situations that correspond to those beliefs. Your subconscious will only do what you tell it to do, that is to send the right instructions, change the limiting beliefs that you have and you’ll begin seeing tremendous improvements.

If you want to get your subconscious mind to attract the situations you want then create thoughts that correspond to what you want. Ask yourself, do your life and the quality of your life important enough for you to pay attention to your thoughts so that you send the right messages to your subconscious mind and begin achieving your goals? Don’t waste time thinking of why you can’t do things – focus on why you can. Change those beliefs so that you create what you want. That's the power of positive thinking; your subconscious mind will simply follow.

If you want to make more money, don’t come up with excuses for not being able to make more money because if you do, then your subconscious mind will only attract situations that correspond to those excuses. Though it requires more efforts on how to make more money, working on it will awaken your subconscious mind and good results will surely happen. I am at times broke but I took time to awake my subconscious mind on how to attract good opportunities to realize the money that I want, most often I get good results.

A good friend of mine always complained that he find it hard to look for a good job that he wants. I asked him if the job that he is aiming for fits his qualifications. Is he ready to handle the obligation if ever he got the job? He will simply answer his not yet ready and fit for it. Does his subconscious mind works the way that he wants to? Precisely it did but in the end he will got frustrated for not landing the job because of other reasons. Do you see how he has limited his success? He’s more focused on failing thus avoids it at all costs instead of focusing on success which is what other job applicants did. He will never find the right employer because his subconscious mind will only create barriers every time he tries. Why? Because his subconscious is working according to his beliefs and core thoughts about landing a good job and thus it will never happen.

You will succeed when you focus on what you want. When you focus on what you don’t want, you’ll succeed at getting what you don’t want. The subconscious doesn’t know the difference. It simply acts on your instructions and those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs.

The simplest lesson that I got from the booklet is learning how to think positive. If you go to bed, erase all negative thoughts that come up in your mind or anything that burdens you. Instead, go to sleep thinking about something what you want to accomplish the next day or the days to come. Think positive always. It's energy efficient. The subconscious mind is the biggest energy producer and saver of money and effort that there is. It works for free. It will work all night long.

Ways on how to make your subconscious mind works for you:
  • Eliminate all the negative beliefs and that negative thinking pattern that you’ve been carrying for so many years.
  • Focus on what you want - your new thoughts and beliefs go against those old thoughts and beliefs.
When your mind accepts the new thoughts, when it no longer puts up resistance then your subconscious begins accepting these new beliefs and then the changes happen. Continue doing this and you create momentum. Then when you start succeeding and continue sending the right messages, the success continues and you have an avalanche of success because your subconscious is now programmed and working towards success.

Please feel free to share you insights about my topic at the comment box below.

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