Coping Up With Life's Frustrations

Coping up with life's frustrations? Any idea on how to do it?

Frustrations in life come in various ways, situations and conditions. We all experience life's frustrations no mater who you are or wherever you are. And nobody is exempted from it even the richest among the rich have their own frustrations in life but quietly differ from that of the ordinary people.

I myself have lots of frustrations to share but as I look into it and reflect some of it, I found out that those frustrations in my past are merely the ones that mold me into a better person now. We cannot help ourselves to be frustrated. As we journey with our life, we will encounter frictions that come along. That made us frustrated. We get indifferent and feel painful emotions because we cannot complete our task. Unknowingly, a gift sprouted from it, the gift of growth fully packed in a hidden package. Oftentimes, the greatest pains are the ones that help to open the greatest growth in our lives. Did you get my point? Were you able to reflect your past frustrations and what was the result in you as a person at present?

I know a lot of my friends who experienced frustrations in their lives. Most of them cannot cope up with their own frustrations that they resorted to the habit of finding ways to numb themselves, like eating. It is their own way of coping up with frustrations believing that the stress is relieved not knowing the unhealthy effect it may give them to their health.

We get frustrated when something is happening and we cannot find the clarity of it. The best way to reach the highest level of clarity is to free the strong energy that arises from frustration of the situation.

Here are some ways to release frustrations, anger or pain that arises as a normal part of growing:
  • Cry. Normally girls do cry when they are frustrated, got sad or angered. Guys just shed tears but deep within their hearts, a striking pain is starting to build up. When you feel deeply sad, crying works beautifully. Crying works wonders by freeing up the strong energy that is stored up inside.
  • Hit something. Guys expressed their frustrations or anger by hitting something hard like the walls or whatever that comes in their way. For girls, try punching your pillows to avoid the pain. After hitting something, you experience a temporal release of the tension that eventually will calm down.
  • Talk. This is more common to girls when they are frustrated, saddened or got angry. This is their own way of releasing the pain that is stored inside. Guys seldom talk and normally choose a person to whom they trust most.
  • Exercise. Some people exercise when they are frustrated. They find it the best way to release the pain and anger by doing brisk walking, running or jogging and even indulge in boxing. This is a healthy way of coping up frustrations. Without them knowing it, they are leading a healthy life.
  • Write. Not all are created with the passion in writing. I myself is not a writer. I hate using pen and paper. I better use my PC or laptop when I want to write something. Writing indeed can help release the pain as well as the tension. It can capture the emotions and negative energy within you and you may choose afterwards to tear the paper as if tearing the pains that you had written. 
  • Create Art. Others are more creative that they turn their frustrations and anger into a work of art. Imagine a person when got angered grabbing a pencil and started creating artistic layout to a piece of paper as if it is his only way to release the pain that is stored inside? Some noted great artists turn their anger into a masterpiece.
How do you cope up with your frustrations? Have you tried the steps above to release the negative energy that is stored inside?

Please share your thoughts or ideas for others to read at the comment box below.
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