Want some fried tarantula?

Want to try deep-fried tarantula?

I was wondering how would my stomach reacts when I try to taste some of it. Fried tarantula are somehow a delicacy in Cambodia. Surely, I would taste that if given the chance. If the Cambodians had the guts to eat it, why should not I?

Deep-fried tarantula are common in most restaurants in Cambodia, as what I have learned, though I never had visited Cambodia ever since. You might ask yourself why in the hell would you eat such delicacy if in the first place your stomach would surely disagree with it? But, that's what Camdodians love to eat as some of us Filipinos love to eat "Balut".

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How do they cook tarantula?

Tarantula are washed and fried with salt, sugar and condiments and dipped into garlic and cooked deep-fried until they are crispy and were served with lime and pepper sauce. Cambodians choose females to be cooked as food because they are much larger than the males. I can't imagine it myself biting the legs and swallowing the whole body, though its crispy. They say it tastes like chicken but just simply thinking of biting its abdomen would surely differs it with the former. (Photo via leftfood.wordpress.com)

Spider hunting has been the latest craze in Cambodia. It has been known that many Cambodians believed in the tarantula's medicinal purposes. These spiders are called  'a-ping' by most Cambodians. The main source of these spiders is the small town of Skun or Skuon which is located in Kompong Cham Province about 90km north of Phnom Penh. Skun is popularly known as the 'spider town' by most Cambodians.

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Whatever, I still have the double-thought of eating it. How about you guys?

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