The power of social media in demanding Bacolod City officials to have the dogs at the pound for adoption rather than killing it all

Facebook and Twitter top as the most over-used social network sites among others in spreading the news and video!

Lately, Bacolod City's local government especially the City Dog Pound was sensationalized over the social media network sites. Animal lovers, animal welfare advocates and private individuals complained the way the care-takers or administrators of the city pound apply euthanasia for over-staying and unclaimed animals at the pound. It was reported from an insider at the pound that the animals are killed through shooting because the old way of disposing the dogs through gas chamber or "tambutso" is no longer practiced.

That started the different pet lovers and animal welfare advocates groups to plea and make demands to the local government to allow the public to adopt the dogs instead of killing it all. There appeared different ways of spreading the news through these social media network sites and links were keep spreading and counting every day.

How did it all started? Rumors had it that there was this young lady who asked permission to come inside the pound to check if the dog which was reportedly caught by the city pound personnel is in their custody. The lady was allowed to get inside by the pound keeper. While roaming inside and checking for the dog, the pound keeper took some video using the phone of the lady visitor. She went out after confirming that the dog is really in their custody and after getting some information as to how they dispose dogs that are not claimed by its owners. The lady uploaded the video in her Facebook account and posted the information that she got from an insider at the dog pound. Soon, the video spreads so fast by sharing; sorry I was not able to download a copy of the video.

Just yesterday (January 27, 2014), I received a private message at Facebook informing me that the dog pound no longer accepts visitors and that if you wish to donate a dog, you provide them adoption paper which is subject for approval. The informant also told me that they are now waiting for the authorized person to "terminate" the dogs through shooting. I sent a text message to the city veterinarian asking from her the process of donating dog foods and water at the dog pound as well as the proper way for adoption and that if possible to lower the adoption fee which is Php500. She replied later in the afternoon and only after the news of the irregularities at the pound broke out in the social media network site.

Several animal welfare advocates tapped the news and help in spreading it within their network. Just an hour ago, somebody messaged me in Facebook informing me that the city veterinarian was interviewed over a TV network and confirmed that there is no any order not allowing the visitors inside the pound and that anybody can adopt the dogs.

In my own assessment as to what really should have been done to prevent the public outcry, the local government should have informed the public either through TV network, radio stations or the print ads about the availability of adoption for the dogs at the pound and to post the process and fees so that the public may know and to eliminate the long and tedious process and conflicting fees as what has been told by one of the supposedly dog-adopter.

Pet lovers and animal welfare advocates continue their plea demanding the local government that the dogs at the city pound be adopted rather than killed. I hope this issue will be resolved the soonest possible time before the dogs at the pound be subjected for euthanasia.

Image source: Facebook

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