Mystery about Chualar crop circle

Who created the crop circle in Chualar field at Salinas, California, USA?

The mystery behind the appearance of a crop circle is still unresolved with lots of speculations and questions as to how it was created and who made it. The crop formation appeared last December 30, 2013. Several experts said that the formation contains an encoded message in braille. Braille transcriber Debra Falanga and orchestra conductor Carl Christensen both being consulted by agree the dots are braille and the message is "192".

Braille is a writing system composed of dots written with embossed paper traditionally used by the blind and visually impaired. Falanga translated the dots in braille as:

192 192

B 192 1

192 192

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Several translations came up after the incident was reported and published in websites. Kevin Baird, a commenter on Yahoo article stated:
"The numbers are an 192 ip Octet that puts the location in Taipei Taiwan. With the image set so that the 5 cubes are at the base of the image sets the frame around the cube depicts an LCD screen viewing 3 frequency bands. The three disks on the outer ring set the time/when. Moon on the rising side of the horizon the Sun in the 8th house and Venus, the 3rd brightest thing in the "night" sky in the 7th house. The setting side of the horizon. 7/12/2014 about around 4:30pm Tai-pei time."
Another also commented that 2014 and 1986 have similarities. January 1 falls on Wednesday and February of both years has 28 days. It has been noted that 1986 was not a good year. Among the calamities, tragedies and events that happened in 1986 are as follows:
  • The Challenger space shuttle exploded
  • Chernobyl plant in Ukraine failed during that year
  • The birth of  EDSA Revolution or the People Power Revolution in the Philippines
  • 1,800 people were found dead as well as scores of cattle and wild animals in Lake Nyos, Cameroon
  • Deadly Hailstorms, Bangladesh

The figure "192" will remain as a clue since nobody claimed responsible for the rare phenomenon. The property owner ordered a crew to plow the whole field back into the earth leaving behind the mystery.

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