Life's Reality

It's quite been so long since my last post here. I was just been bugged with some concerns that only turned out a waste of time and not worth a big deal at all.

Anyway, I had a very memorable experience during our latest personnel's educational tour in Manila, Philippines last March, 2014. Then April came, it was spent with my family especially during the Lenten Season. My job demanded more time from me and gave me more restless time and pressures though it were all taken lightly, but I would say, it was worth at it overcoming those heavy work pressures and tight schedules.

The first day of May was our village fiesta. It was simply celebrated with members of the family as well as with our close family friends. My birthday simply passed and nothing is memorable only that I filed a birthday leave giving me more time to spend valuable time with my family and pets at home.

During my free time at home (usually after office hours), I spent more time reading online articles of any topics  that I found worth reading (somewhat a research for blog updates) and visiting sites and viewing YouTube videos about dogs and animals.

Lately, I utilized more of my time at home in finishing undone projects that were left unattended for quite sometime. I seldom stay late at night out of my home hanging out with friends bar-hopping and making rounds of drinks, instead, I invited my friends to come around to my place to have a drink with me. That's the safest way to do than getting drunk outside and having the risk of meeting an accident or having trouble with other drunk people.

Just fixed my two aquariums and already put my 9-inch Flowerhorn in one of it. I missed my Kois so much in their pond and as well as the Tilapias and mosquito fishes on the other pond. Had feed the dogs and bathed the fighting cocks afterwards. It is such a very tiresome Sunday but it's worth at it. After all, it's life's reality.

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