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May 31, 2014, our organization held a personnel assembly and please allow me to share some thoughts and things I had learned and experienced.

Our group, the Non-Teaching Personnel of the La Consolacion College Bacolod, held a General Assembly which takes place every two years. The event is very memorable for everyone because this is the right time to introduce new members of the organization, presentation of the reports for the activities done by the various groups or committees and as well as the officers, and  the election of new officers and members of different committees.

Image via Camp Learning
The venue, Camp Learning, is just conducive for the event. It is a very serene place located in an agricultural land area free from the hustle and bustle of the city life and surrounded with plants and trees that makes the place a very favorable one for events like gatherings, training, seminars, year-end planning,  etc. I simply loved the place being a nature lover.

Being with the group somehow gives me the opportunity to once again renew the bonding and establish new connection with the new members of the organization. I am a very observant kind of a person. I love to gaze at faces and try to get what's in their minds. My co-members' facial expressions simply show how they react and interact with their fellow personnel. A dumb facial expression shows that a person is somehow confused or is observing the activity with doubts and uncertainty. A happy face always gets my attention and I can feel the good and positive aura that person exudes which is very contagious especially when you are down and don't feel well. Other members were also sentimental but most were enjoying their time when the honorees and a retiree were given some compliments by their colleagues.

The humid air in the environment and the heat of the sun did not hamper the success of the event. Everyone has a good memory of the said event. The food was right and we are all thankful to our retiree co-member who sponsored the "Lechon".

The coming days to come are more challenging for each and everyone of us. Hope that all plans and actions were more successful as with the past and that the new set of officers will fulfill their promises for a better organization that will be worth respected for in an institution.

Image courtesy of Jimmy Ong taken at Camp Learning 
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