Discipline On The Road - The Filipino Way

Just a while ago as I got out from my office to take some fresh air I noticed on the other side of the road several jeepneys (a jeep or similar vehicle that has been converted into a jitney, used in the Philippines as a form of public transportation) taking time loading and unloading passengers. What struck most in my eyes is the big "No Loading and Unloading" sign board and no law enforcer or traffic aide is around. Take note of the place, public plaza.

Some Filipino drivers normally ignore such signs especially when there is no any law enforcer around. This is only one of the worst things that you will notice most drivers violate. I asked myself then, do they lack seminars or are they not disciplined properly about road signs? Is the local government simply imposed such regulations but cannot sustain it? Maybe they lack traffic aides to man some vital areas in the city or they haven't paid yet some of them. I don't know what is the right answer for that. These are only my own observations and conclusions with regards to that matter and no intention to blame anybody else.

Our place is a highly urbanized city and strict implementations of road rules and signs should be properly maintained and managed. You cannot simply put a "No Loading and Unloading" sign there and allow drivers to violate that. You cannot place a "No Jaywalking" sign in the midst of the road and allow pedestrians to pass by and ignore as such. It is a matter of sustaining the rules and laws.

On the other side, let me ask you if you have tried riding a jeepney and notice the drivers are somewhat like driving racing cars? Are they not concerned of their passengers' safety and the right to ride in comfort? Are they not aware of an accident that might happen thus losing lives of their passengers and properties? Well, discipline on the road should play a role here. Lack of it will only result to unwanted accidents, confiscation of driver's license and the likes.

It is high time enough to teach them the proper discipline on the road.

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