A Tribute to a Good Father - Melo

Life is full of mystery. Nobody can tell what the future lies for us. Although we are considered to be the captain of our destiny, we cannot tell what our future would be. We live life full of dreams and aspirations. We struggled to provide our family a good and better life with the vision that someday our children will be strong enough to face their own trials and claim the victory of their own success.

Have you asked yourselves why do you exist in this world? Have you asked who are you and what have you become? Life has a purpose.  Each one of us is blessed with a particular mission to complete in order to be rebirth with the fulfillment of our destiny. Can we predict our destiny? Fate or destiny are the events that we are going to meet in life, how are we going to confront these challenges in our journey in life. You might ask how to better confront these challenges? What do you really want for yourself in life? For me, life is a journey, not a destination.

How often I asked myself why there are people born to be lucky in life. Is that a destiny or personal or heaven luck? Some are born unlucky leading to a life full of complaints and negative perceptions, thus creating a negative effect in their lives. Why not just make the most of what you already have? To put it simply, be contented of what you have and work hard to attain the goal that you envisioned. After all, personal luck is something that we cannot change. It is already finalized, whoever or wherever you are.

I am sharing my own insights about life as I myself is still in the process of knowing myself as I journey with life. This is a tribute to a very good person whom I just recently meet. He is a person full of dreams, aspirations and visions. Melo signifies integrity and principles respected by his peers, friends and family. He is a very generous man. He live his life to the fullest and lead a victorious life in attaining his goals and dreams for his family. A person who sees life as a struggle if you do not work hard and life is a success for the hardworking ones. Until the day before his death, he gave his all for the betterment of his family, his wife and kids in particular. I hope his life story will serves as an inspiration to others.

Three decades ago, a young man named Melo started his own business as a butcher with a meager capital of Php5,000. He chose having a business of his own than getting a college degree. That is his fate or destiny. In his life journey, he helped a lot of people including his siblings and relatives putting up their own business in the public market. He is known to be a man of principles but a generous one. He succeeded in his own way of working hard. He changed and touched the lives of others. His children finished their college courses leaving behind the youngest being still in secondary level. I knew him as a happy person who loves to talk about business, about life's struggle and about his plans for the future. He wants his kids to be successful entrepreneurs too for them to enjoy life. He is feared by his wife and children for being a strict father, but a very loving one. He is proud that everything in his family is settled and that his kids were all prepared to face life even if he is gone. He is very close to his great grandchildren and sees to it that they have a stable life as they grow and take their own journey in their own lives.

His secrets to success are very simple:
  • Live life to the fullest. 
  • Plan your goal and work for it. 
  • Love your family as well as other people. 
  • Be generous, give unto others and do not forget to look back to those who once have touched your life.

February 29, 2012 5:05am a tragedy had cut Melo's life. He was murdered together with his brother in the public market. Investigations show that it was a business related feud. Melo served a very fruitful life but lost his life in the midst of his success. Last January, he chose to set aside celebrating his 50th birthday to give way to the birth of a new angel in the family, Princess. The whole family, friends and relatives grieved to the loss of a great person. His death serves as an inspiration for them to move on and continue what he has started. His death was the end of his life journey.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. The author wished not to publish his picture and location here for family security reasons.

Points worth to ponder:
  • Are you living your life to the fullest?
  • How do you see your life in the days to come as death comes unexpectedly?
  • Have you reach your goals in life?
  • Did you live a fruitful life helping others?
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  1. It's so painful to learn about the plight of a good person like him. For all I knew, the guy who murdered him used to be his worker before. Melo is very much supportive to that guy as well as to his family. Melo is the one giving them the opportunity to have their own business. Why in the heck did he kill Melo? Surely God will not forgive him. That guy changed the history of friendship and and ruined the lives of the family and relatives of Melo. Let him die in prison.

    Read more: http://kamisulat.blogspot.com/2012/02/tribute-to-good-father-melo.html#ixzz1nulmpSbC