Rescuing Dogs at the City Pound

Rescuing Dogs at the City Pound

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”  ― Karen Davison

Just lately the group of Bacolod Aspin Rescue Group rescued several dogs from the Bacolod City Dog Pound. The dogs are already scheduled for euthanasia if not for the prompt action taken by the group to save them. As of the moment, the dogs were temporarily kept at the house of one of the group's pioneer member Theresa Antaran Japsay located at Barangay Mansilingan, Bacolod City, Philippines. Lucky enough that some of the rescues have their foster parents/adopters waiting after the rescue.

Rescuing abused, abandoned, neglected, and tortured dogs especially the stray ones has been the mission of the group for almost 4 years. Theresa is the focal person to report to when someone saw dogs that need medical help and foods. I happened to join the first rescue operation and we named the dog as Panpan (it happened that the dog was rescued near Panasiatic Call Center building).  The dog was not able to survive for a long time due to a lingering illness.

Manang Ther (as we fondly call her) is a dedicated animal lover committed to the welfare of dogs and cats. Before I knew her, she has lots of cats and dogs at her home and her house would be mistaken as an animal shelter because of the kennels you find upon entering her property. It is not an easy task to feed and take care of several cats and dogs. The medication alone for those suffering from mange, distemper, parvo, etc. is quite too costly for Manang Ther to shoulder. She sought solace in her pets. They are her strength and energy. They are her friends and company. They are her family.

As of this writing, the rescues of Bacolod Aspin Rescue Group at the custody of Manang Ther need donations for the maintenance of their foods and medicine. The group is calling everyone who has a kind heart towards dogs and cats to support by either adopting or fostering the animals or donating money or goods (dog foods, medicines, dog soap, shampoo, etc.). For those who are willing to donate, adopt or foster may contact Manang Ther through her Facebook account. Monetary donations can also be sent to PayPal.

Here are some of the rescued dogs from the city pound.

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